2011 AGM

Annual General Meeting – October 8, 2011

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Erieau Yacht Club 2010 AGM – Minutes

Chairman’s Report 2011 – Frank Jacques

Treasurer’s Report 2011 – Dave and Bobbie Jo Allely

Junior Program Treasurer’s Report 2011 – Chris Dutton

Commodore’s Report 2011 – Meghan Roulston

Vice Commodore’s Report 2011 –Cam Shillington

Rear Commodore’s Report 2011 – Jim Stewart

Junior Sailing Committee Report – Meghan Roulston

Membership Report 2011 –Gen Huffman


October 8, 2011 – 10:00am at EYC

  1. Call to Order
  2. Minutes of 2010 Annual General Meeting – Lisa Kerr
  3. Chairman’s Report – Frank Jacques
  4. Treasurer’s Report – David Allely
  5. Junior Sailing Treasurer’s Report – Chris Dutton
  6. Auditor’s Report (verbal)– Brian McNeill
  7. Commodore’s Report – Meghan Roulston
  8. Vice Commodore’s Report – Cam Shillington
  9. Rear Commodore’s Report – Jim Stewart
  10. Membership Report – Gen Huffman
  11. New Business
  12. Boat Committee Review – Chris Dutton
  13. Updating Bylaws and Governance Model – John Graham
  14. Other new business from the floor
    1. Incoming Chairman’s Vision – John Graham
    2. Swimming & Sailing Program Business Model
    3. Club Operating Business  Model
    4. Physical Premises – Indoor and outdoor space
      1. Approval of Directors for 2011-12
      2. Adjourn

Erieau Yacht Club 2010 AGM – Minutes

October 9, 2010

10:00 a.m., EYC

Item Description Action/Motions
1 Call to Order at 10:05 Meeting called to order at 10:15 by Doug KerrBoard (Doug, John, Meghan, Frank, Lisa (Secretary) in attendance. Regrets from Chris and Cam.  15 Members in attendance.
2 Minutes of 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes read by members.Motion to accept the minutes as written by  Tim , 2nd by Mary-Beth , motion carried.
3 Chairman’s Report (Doug Kerr) Doug presented his report (attached). Highlights- major expenditures were painting the club and renovating the kitchen, additional dock sections. (Thanks to all members who helped out) Major Accomplishments: implementation of committee to support Junior Sailing program. Major pending expenditures- replace fleet of boats, improve patio, hoist for the brig.Significant pending decisions – by-law re-write.Thanks to Malcolm for his support as Treasurer and to Bev as Auditor.Two new committees- Junior Sailing and web site.
4 Treasurer’s Report (Malcolm Graham) Malcolm presented his report (attached)Change in the fee structure affected dues and boat registrations. Insurance is biggest expense. Golf was on budget. Donations of 3 kegs by Cam. Expenses were close to budget. Accounts Payable is estimate of remaining taxes and payments..
5 Junior Sailing Treasurer’s Report (Cam Shillington) Meghan presented the Junior Sailing report (attached) on behalf of Cam. We are still waiting for some funds from the Canada Summer jobs program. The reason costs are a little higher relates to our attempt to be more competitive with instructor salaries. We need to decide what boats to purchase in the future.Motion to accept the Junior Sailing report as presented by Second by, motion carried.
6 Auditor’s Report (Bev Easton) Bev unable to comment on the Junior Sailing books because he did not see them in time.Closing Banquet loses every year- need to consider whether it should still be done in the same way. Trophy engraving could perhaps be done more economically. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Junior Sailing Treasurer’s Report and  Auditors report and to accept the nomination of Brian McNeill as Auditor by Jerry Dalton, Second by Den Clarke, motion carried.
7 Commodore’s Report (Chris Dutton John Graham gave the report on behalf of Chris. (attached) 
8 Vice Commodore’s Report (Meghan Roulston Meghan gave her report (attached)Jerry Dalton asked that organizers of the Regatta remember that the historical nature of the event was to invite the community to an event hosted by the EYC, that it is not a “EYC” only event.
9 Rear Commodore’s Report and Junior Sailing Program (Cam Shillington Meghan gave Cam’s report (attached) with the following highlights:Discussion about Topper as an option. Brian Benson encouraged the board to treat this as a strategic decision. Board is still exploring and will be attending OSA Symposium in November before making any decisions. The Board is working on a 5 year plan.The Board has authorized Doug to arrange for the sale of the 29er. The value is estimated as between $7500-8500.($500 less than we paid originally).Cost of sailing program for large families is an issue.
11 Membership Report (Gen Huffman) Gen presented the attached report. It would be helpful if all members, including honorary members updated their contact information.Doug thanked Erin for her support in previous years and thanked Gen for taking on membership duties.Motion to accept Flag Officer Reports as presented by Brian , second by Joe H, carried.
12 New BusinessUpdating Bylaws and Governance Model.
  • Doug explained that the By-laws are outdated and need to be reviewed. The Executive Director of OSA has offered to speak to the Board about what other clubs have done.
  • The incoming Board should strike a committee to review and revise the bylaws and to consider whether the governance structure should change. Motion by Jim S. that the incoming Board invite the members to participate in a Governance Review Committee, Seconded by Helena Newkirk. Carried.
  • Need to address issue around timing of AGM.
  • Helena asked whether there was still a Women’s committee and suggested that we participate in the Erieau art show and cottage tour.
  • Brian mentioned that there is no communication with the membership about vision for the future. The incoming chair should speak at the AGM.
  • Motion to accept the actions of the Officers and Directors for 2010 by Jerry Dalton, seconded by Brian Benson.
13 Approval of Directors The new Officer and Board Members for 2010-2011 nominated as follows:Frank Jacques, ChairJohn Graham, Director and Vice ChairChris Dutton, DirectorMeghan Roulston, CommodoreCameron Shillington, Director and Vice Commodore

Jim Stewart, Director and Rear Commodore

Bobbi-Jo Allely Treasurer

Dave Allely, Deputy Treasurer

Lisa Kerr, Secretary

Motion to accept the board as nominated by Jim Stokes, second by Stephanie Pirscher, motion carried.

14 Adjourn The meeting was adjourned at   11:30 a.m.

Chairman’s Report 2011 – Frank Jacques

The Board created a Three Year Mission Statement the vision of which was to establish a focus that would exceed any one person’s tenure. This was an important step as the Board considers replacing the Youth Sailing fleet.

EYC Mission – 2011-2013:

“Over the next three years the Erieau Yacht Club will:

Define and execute a strategy to replace the Youth Sailing program’s aging fleet.

This strategy will select a boat that is consistent with the goals of increasing EYC’s participation in regattas and maintaining the interest of older youth sailors.

Increase the quality of its sailing, swimming and lifesaving courses by hiring highly certified instructors and providing them with the appropriate level of Board supervision and support to ensure a successful program.

Increase membership by offering a welcoming social environment based upon the mutual love of sailing. ”

Define and execute strategy to replace the youth sailing program’s aging fleet:

Established a Boat Selection Committee

  • Mandate of the committee is to review the condition of the existing fleet and provide options for the replacement fleet in alignment with the vision of the Youth Sailing program
  • Report from this committee is an information item
  • Committee has representation from the membership and the Board

Increase the quality of sailing, swimming and lifesaving courses and provide them with the appropriate level of Board Supervision and support to ensure a successful program

  • First full year where the Junior Sailing Program Committee shared responsibility for the management of the Junior program with the Rear Commodore.
  • Registration fees were restructured and increased, resulting in a profit.
  • Highly qualified staff with both swimming and sailing certifications.
  • Record attendance in some weeks – evidence of quality of the program.

Increase membership by offering a welcoming social environment based upon the mutual love of sailing

  • Numerous social and community events organized by our tireless Commodore, Board Members and other supportive Volunteers
  • Opening BBQ, Keg Challenge, Closing Banquet, Commodore’s picnic
  • Art on the Boulevard barbeque
  • Wine tasting night
  • Junior Sailing BBQs
  • Junior Races on Saturdays
  • Sunday Races


  • Capital Improvements to the club – Patio
  • Accessible Information – website redesign and support – thanks to John Graham
  • This year was not a fundraising year
  • The Board focused on the sale of underused or assets – 29er, 9.9 engine, patios stones to net us $4700
  • The Brigg was damaged during the season. The estimate to repair is $500. Thanks to Scott Grainger for getting the Brigg to Toronto for the repair.
  • Governance Committee – off to a slow start because of member availability but continued focus on review of our Governance structure with the assistance of the Ontario Sailing Association. Report to be presented by the Committee.
  •  Response to Auditor’s report from 2010:
    • The practice of paying Junior Sailing expenses out of Junior Sailing funds was incorporated this year.
    • The Closing Banquet showed a profit of $232.36 this year thanks to Meghan and Tim.

Closing Notes:

I think the changes that we have put in place such as the Junior Sailing Program, Boat Selection and Governance Committees will continue to strengthen our club and provide valuable leadership and direction for years to come.

I would like to thank my fellow Board members and all the many wonderful volunteers. The volunteers make the EYC experience special every season.

Frank Jacques

EYC Chairman 2011

Treasurer’s Report 2011 – Dave and Bobbie Jo Allely








Sept. 20, 2011

(for Comparison)

  Dues and boat registrations




  Donations for Jr Sailing



  Rental income







Barney’s Boats Contribution ESS



  Insurance contribution Sailing School







  Opening party








  Commodore’s picnic




  Keg Challenge








  Dinner and auction




  Closing banquet




  Hot dogs and Sunday donations








Sale of assets (29er, patio stones)




Raffle (Cooler)


  50-50 draw






Total revenue



  Bank charges








  Hydro and water




  Insurance Building etc




  Insurance Officers and directors




  Miscellaneous and office




  Municipal taxes




  Ontario Sailing Assoc dues




  Repairs & maintenance general










Commodores’ Pictures


Website License



  Kitchen supplies



  Barge supplies, fuel and winterizing




Pennants and Ribbons



  Sr sailing




  Jr sailing




Barney’s Boats



   Trophy  engraving and repairs



Total expenditures



Net for the period





     -2010-     -2010-      -2009-
Updated September 20 2011


   YTD    Budget    Actual
Cash in
Prior year’s balance  $         3,924.45  $13,839.03  $   13,839.03  $     1,924.63
  Evelyn Scoyne Estate  $                   –  $            –  $              –  $   10,000.00
  Newcrest Prizim  $                   –  $            –  $     1,000.00  $     1,000.00
  Members’ donations  $                   –  $  4,900.00  $     1,000.00  $     2,950.00
     Cash in current year  $                   –  $  4,900.00  $     2,000.00  $   13,950.00
 $         3,924.45  $18,739.03  $   15,839.03  $   15,874.63
Cash out
   Boom program  $         1,696.00  $  1,696.00  $     2,000.00  $     1,696.00
   Weed weevil trial  $                   –    $     500.00
   New Docks  $                   –  $  2,240.96  $        602.00  $              –
   Sports IS fee  $                   –  $     164.00  $              –  $       339.60
   Paint club house  $                   –  $  3,519.17  $              –  $              –
   Kitchen renovations  $                   –  $  4,564.40
   Keg cooler  $                   –  $  2,130.05  $              –  $              –
 $         1,696.00  $14,814.58  $     2,602.00  $     2,035.60
Balance  $         2,228.45  $  3,924.45  $   13,237.03  $   13,839.03
Scoyne Estate money was spent as follows
Painting $  3,519.17
Kitchen renovations  $  4,564.41
Keg Cooler $  2,130.05
   Total  $10,213.63


CDN Account (CDN Funds)
Operating Account  $       10,004.15
Sports IS  $         4,723.00
Fleet Upgrade  $         7,487.00
Internally Restricted  $         2,228.45
 $       24,442.60
US Account (US Funds)
USD Account  $         1,738.77
US Jr Sailing  $            100.00
 $         1,838.77
Accounts Payable
Trophies (anticipated)
Commodore’s Picture (anticipated)
Taxes  est. $530.00

Junior Program Treasurer’s Report 2011 – Chris Dutton

The EYC Sailing School had  a net profit of approximately $5000 for the 2011 season
This excellent result was largely the result of higher Registration Fees (24K versus 21K last year)
Canada Summer Jobs grant ($3500) also contributed
Expenses were lower (5K last year) and will be likely be higher next year due to damages incurred at season end.
Erieau Sailing School 2011 Income Statement
January 1 2011 – September 30 2011
Started the 2011 season with cash of:


Ended the 2011 season with cash of:


Net Balance


Operating Revenues & Expenses
Sailing/Swimming Registrations  $        24,300
CSJ Grant              2,490 (another $1000 expected)
T-Shirt Sales  $422 added back to starting cash                     –
BBQ Lunches                    81
Junior Commodore Party                     –
Boulevard Lunch                  384
Total Revenue            27,255
Instructors’ Wages            14,206
Sailing Supplies/Repairs/Gas              3,400
Swimming Raft                  636
Telephone                  281
CPP,UIC              1,783
Insurance              2,500
Total Expenses            22,806
Operating Revenue Less Expenses  $          4,449
Donations                  200

Commodore’s Report 2011 – Meghan Roulston

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the board, the members, committees and volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to help make this a successful 2011 season at the Erieau Yacht Club.

At the beginning of the season, the outside of the club received a bit of a face lift with the addition of the concrete patio on the water side.  The patio allows a seamless transition from inside to outside, providing level ground, making it safer for our members and guests to walk on.

Building on safety, Camille Kerr collected donations from members to purchase a weather system for the club.  After researching our options, the club purchased a TV, shared internet access with the O’Brien’s, and a donated hard drive.  We are now connected to the internet, which allows our camp and weekend racers to predict not only the immediate weather, but also what’s on the way.  The TV will be mounted in a locked case, located just outside the office in the club.

In an attempt to improve the acoustics, baffles (made from sail cloth) were hung in a staggered formation from the ceiling of the club.  We had an opportunity to test drive the baffles at two of the events this summer, however I’m not sure that any of us can remember if they made a difference or not!

Jim Shillington and Ross Newkirk built a new swim platform for the Jr. Program.  The materials used, were paid for by the Jr. Program, and some donations. Thank you to them for their time and effort during the hottest days of the summer!!

The RYC/EYC Regatta was held on a Saturday this summer, in an attempt to increase the number of adult volunteers and participants, both young and old.  We will be hosting this event in 2012 and need to decide whether it should be held on a Saturday or during the week.  My recommendations for this event would be:

  • Move the regatta back to a weekday if your focus is on the kids
  • Keep the regatta on Saturday, hold it early in July, move the Sr. races from Sunday to Saturday, making it a Jr. and Sr. event

The Keg Challenge, Chilli Cook-off, and Euchure Tournament kicked off our social events for the summer.  The Keg Challenge, as usual, presented with lots of craziness and confusion!  In the end, no one really knows who won, but there was beer!  Congratulations to Lynn Dutton, who won the Chilli Cook-off with her vegetarian chilli and to Margie Sievert and Jayne Dietrich, for agreeing to share the Euchure Tournament trophy!

This summer, we held two new events.  The first was hosting a food venue for Art on the Boulevard.  The money raised during this event went the Jr. Program, specifically for fleet renewal.  The event was a great success, largely due to beautiful weather, great turnout, and hard working volunteers.  My recommendations for this event next season would be:

  • Advertise early in Chatham, Blenheim and Erieau
  • Advertise throughout Erieau the day of the event
  • Put bigger advertising signs out front of the Club or request space in the Boulevard
  • Increase prices on food
  • Don’t advertise the use of the washrooms

The second event was the Wine Tasting Night.  Again, we had beautiful weather and a great turnout. The perfect mix for a fabulous event!  Much of the financial success of the event was due to generously discounted food by Cam Shillington and donated wines from Mark Anthony brands.

In lieu of being a non-fundraising year, we offered a large raffle item that we sold tickets for over the course of the summer.  I recommend doing this for each season, as it was well received.

The Jr. Commodore’s held a “Minute to Win It” event this summer, raising $48.00.  That money will be put towards purchasing lifejackets for the Jr. Program.  A new life jacket program was established this summer and will take effect next year.  The program, called “Greer’s Project” is in memory of Greer McNeill, who dedicated her life to the health and development of young children.  The program will be maintained by Susan and Brian McNeill and Tim and Meghan Roulston.  Donations can be made specifically to this program starting in the spring of 2012.

Finally, for a non-fundraising year, we were fortunate to make money at each event.  We controlled costs and shared expenses with other events, keeping waste to a minimum.  For that reason, I recommend looking at a committee that includes all food and beverage components at the EYC. This will eliminate double orders of plates, napkins, hotdogs, buns, pop, etc. ( it doesn’t make sense for three different people to look after hot dogs for opening banquet, Sr. sailing, and Jr. sailing all on the same weekend).

Again, Tim and I would like to thank everyone for their time and effort in helping us make this a great summer.  I’d like to thank the Vice Commodore, Cam Shillington and Rear Commodore, Jim Stewart for all their hard work and dedication to the EYC Sr. and Jr. Programs.  Please join me in supporting them and our new Rear Commodore, Tim Bresnahan in their roles for the summer of 2012!

Respectively submitted by the 2011 EYC Commodore,

Meghan Roulston

Vice Commodore’s Report 2011 – Cam Shillington

The Pied Piper Parade was held on July 23rd.  The weather cooperated and it was a beautiful day!

The Mile swim was a huge hit with the younger crown this summer.  Missing from the group, were the Master’s.  Perhaps the weeds kept them away!  We had approximately 60+ kids for both the parade and the swimming events.  Congratulations to Brian and Bridgette Lyne, for entering the only turtle in the Turtle Race and to Grandma Shillington for catching the turtle!

Once again, we rearranged the running of the Jr. swimming races, each age group would race all three heats (front crawl, back crawl and underwater swim) one after the other with the score keeper sitting at the edge of the water.  This allowed the score keeper to record the results in real time, eliminating the runner and confusion when the kids come out of the water.  Trophy’s, were presented to the winners of each age group immediately after they came out of the water.  In the past, awards had been given out after all the age groups had swam, however many of the younger swimmers had gone home.

Some ideas to consider for future running of this event are:

  • Because this is an event offered to the community, ask local businesses for support by making donations to go towards awards and food, in return for advertising
  • Limit hotdogs and pop to kids only, cutting down on the cost of food
  • Explore other award options (this year, we gave out less expensive “first place” medallions, rather than trophies)
  • Advertise the event weeks before

I want to thank all who came out to volunteer in the setup, the running and take down of this event.  Your support helped make this event a great success!

Cameron Shillington

Rear Commodore’s Report 2011 – Jim Stewart

The commodore’s picnic this year as often in the past was blessed with a fine weather day, warm sunshine, few flies but very cold water.

As to having the commodore’s picnic at seagull island this past summer the park superintendent stated that where we were having the picnic may actually be on Federal rather than provincial land. His only concern was that we don’t disturb wildlife, collect driftwood start fires or drag our boats onto dry land. We can pull boats up onto wet sand but not onto dry sand as we may disturb the Fowler toad which is designated as a species at risk.

I purchased a new rope for the tug of war which will be kept in our garage and will be available for future picnics. Congratulation’s lakeside cottagers and the bayside Juniors for GREAT wins in the tug of war contest.

128 members with their families attended the picnic this past year.. Thanks to all who helped Donna and myself set the tables and clean up after the picnic. Having received a generous discount from Tom Vidler we showed a profit of $45.00. The barge ran beautifully this year until the last load returning to Erieau ( as luck would have it ran out of gas.) Thanks to good management by our maintenance committee they had a spare tank on board.

We had a total of 8 junior races on Saturday mornings and 2 on a Friday afternoons. An average of 6 boats sailed in these races. Twice we had to change the day of the race due to poor weather conditions. I soon learned that when it comes to handing out the pennants the kids knew who had won each of the races even though I might be confused.

Thanks to all who volunteered their time and effort this summer to help make this a safe and fun summer.

Jim Stewart

Rear Commodore 2011

Junior Sailing Committee Report – Meghan Roulston

The Junior Sailing and Swimming program had another fantastic summer.  The weather cooperated and we were given a good mix of light wind for our younger sailors and heavy for our more advanced sailors.  The staff combined sailing, swimming, kayaking, island visits, arts and crafts and hot lunches, offered every other week.

We offered full and half day programs for sailing and swimming as well as, an intense level 4 and 5 sailing program and a bronze level swimming course.

The sailing and swimming programs worked well together again this summer in part due to the formation of the dock.  The sections allow the two programs to run simultaneously with very little interruption to either program.  As well, weekly revision and changes made to the schedule helped to keep the program running smoothly.

In early July, RYC hosted the RYC/EYC Regatta.  In an attempt to recreate the past, RYC chose to host the event on a Saturday, hoping some alumni would be encouraged to participate.  Initially, the Regatta was to include Larks.  As the date approached, RYC had only one working Lark on the Bay and therefore cancelled Lark races.  It was a long, hot Saturday, and early in the morning it seemed as though nothing was going well.  In the end, we had a great day!  We lost, but we had fun!  Although this event, over the last few years, has been for the junior sailor’s, it’s not a junior sailing event it’s a yacht club event.  I would encourage all members to participate at any level, whether you’re in a crash boat, on the Barge, serving or cooking food, or even hosting RYC guests on land, as it is our turn to host the regatta next summer.  If we get enough Larks and C Scows from both sides, maybe we can get our senior sailors out too… lasers are always an option!  Thank you to all who helped out for this event, we appreciate your support.

During the short week in August (August 2nd to 5th) we hosted the BOOM program with kids from the Children’s Treatment Center of Chatham Kent.  For the most part, the weather was beautiful and the kids had a lot of fun.  Traditionally, we have not run our regular sailing program during that week.  We were encouraged both by BOOM and the Children’s Treatment Center to run our program as it is part of their inclusive philosophy.  Both programs worked well together and we even had one of the kids from BOOM, sail a Pico.  It was the highlight of his week!

During the same short week, Val Kirkland, our Head Swimming Instructor, ran a Bronze Star, Bronze Cross and Bronze Medallion camp.  Attendance was good and the program was successful.

The number of kids involved in the junior program varies from week to week.  The number of paid working staff was adjusted to meet ratios.  We’ve been fortunate to have a large number of qualified staff, who can flip from paid positions to volunteer positions from week to week, based on numbers.  This will not always be the case, as these staff will eventually be looking for full time, paid work…to pay for school!!!  The staff worked well together and worked very hard to achieve a quality program that kids would enjoy.  Our instructors are highly qualified in their respective fields and continue to work towards higher certifications.  We currently have a number of volunteers, not yet qualified, who have been encouraged by EYC staff and the Junior Committee to keep up their volunteering over the winter and pursue their qualifications for possible future employment.  With all programs, there is room to improve and the Junior Committee, along with EYC staff will be looking at ways to do so in the off season in preparation for the summer of 2012.

The 29ner has been sold!  Thanks to John Graham, who worked hard to make it happen.

I recommend that the boat committee look at options for 2012.  Although we had a great summer of sailing, we also had many issues with equipment.  In part due to age of the equipment and strong winds.  It would be worth comparing the cost of replacing equipment (money that comes out of the junior account), versus purchasing new boats (money that has been earmarked for that purpose).  We could then sell older boats/parts that are no longer of use to our program.

I recommend that the Junior Committee continue looking after employment, maintenance, and finances or the Junior Sailing and Swimming Program.  By doing so, we ensure consistency in all areas and better control over finances.

Thanks to all who volunteered their time and effort this summer to help make this a safe and fun summer!

Meghan Roulston,

Junior Committee Member

Membership Report 2011 –Gen Huffman






















Senior Family