2012 AGM

Erieau Yacht Club Annual General Meeting

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October 6, 2012 – 10:00am at EYC

  1. Call to Order
  2. Minutes of 2011 Annual General Meeting – Lisa Kerr
  3. Chairman’s Report – John Graham
  4. Treasurer’s Report – David and Bobbie-Jo Allely and Chris Dutton
  5. Auditor’s Report (verbal)– Brian McNeill
    1. Membership Report – Gen Huffman
  6. Commodore’s Report – Cam Shillington
  7. Vice Commodore’s Report – Jim Stewart
  8. Junior Sailing and Rear Commodore’s Report – Meghan Roulston and Tim Bresnahan
  9. New Business
    1. Bylaws and Governance Model – John Graham
    2. Other new business from the floor
  10. Approval of Directors for 2012-13
  11. Adjourn

2011 AGM Minutes

Annual General Meeting – Minutes

October 8, 2011

10:00 a.m., EYC

Item Description Action/Motions
  Call to Order Meeting called to order at 10:00 a.m.  by Frank Jacques

Board (Frank Jacques, John Graham, Meghan Roulston, Chris Dutton, Jim Stewart) Lisa Kerr (Secretary) in attendance. Regrets: Cam Shillington. 14 members in attendance.

1 Minutes of 2010 Annual Meeting Minutes read by members.

Motion to accept the minutes as written by Tim Roulston , 2nd by Kerri Gallo, motion carried.

2 Chairman’s Report (Frank Jacques) Frank spoke to the 3 year vision and explained how the Board had focused on each of the components of the Vision over the past year. (Report attached.)


3 Treasurer’s Report (David and Bobbie-Jo Allely) Dave walked through the Financial Statements and highlighted the following items of note: (totals from previous years for comparison purposes)

Revenue Statement

  • Increase in dues and registration
  • 75% of Barney’s receipts allocated to ESS
  • Insurance contribution is 35% of insurance premium for year
  • All activities made money this year
  • Hot Dogs and Sunday donations were more than anticipated
  • Sale of assets – 29er and patio stones – question about whether this should have been part of operating budget

No questions from the floor


  • All were in line with budget
  • Miscellaneous includes – sound baffles, fire extinguisher, bereavement costs
  • Repairs and Maintenance – power washing, cleaning the club, bills from last summer
  • Patio slightly over the estimate
  • No receipts for Trophies
  • Kitchen supplies taken out of cash
  • Maintenance up a little more than anticipated – Brian Wright had to fix the washrooms ($400)

No questions from floor on expenditures

Restricted Funds:

  • Paid for Boom program
  • Scoyne Estate funds have been totally spent

Balance Sheet

  • Cdn$ operating account as of Sept 20 had $10,000
  • Donations to SportsIS were earmarked for purchase of upgraded fleet – $4723 – pulled out of operating account so would not get lost
  • Internally restricted funds to be used at the discretion of the Board
  • Healthy operating CDN$ account
  • Still anticipating some bills – approximately $1000

Tim Roulston asked what we base the internally restricted funds on? Malcolm answered – donations, money raised from “public” that should not be used for general operations.

  • A few donations we just received cheques for – $1000 from TD Bank that will be used to offset the cost of the Boom program.

No further questions or concerns

4 Junior Sailing Treasurer’s Report (Chris Dutton) Chris presented the report. Highlights:

  • One of the best years that we’ve had in a while. Rising swimming and sailing registrations. Lower expenses due to management by Meghan.
  • Still some outstanding balances: receiving revenue from Canada Summer jobs Grant – received $3700. Not a sure thing going forward so we need to continue to be aware of it and not depend on it forever.
  • One figure that really swings from year to year is expenses. This year was low – sails, gas etc. In past years has been as high as $5000. Next year we need to expect this number to be much higher.
  • One relatively big expense this year – swimming raft built by Jim and Ross (thank-you).
  • Stephanie Pirscher asked whether the Brigg was necessary given that it wasn’t used for a big part of the summer. The response from the floor was that Brud’s boat was used instead. Chris mentioned that we had considered switching the engine from the Brig to the barge as it is slightly overpowered. The Board will consider this.
  • Doug Kerr mentioned that we should figure out what Worker’s Compensation amount should be. If an employee is injured then we are responsible. Ontario Sailing can help . Board to follow up.
5 Auditor’s Report (Brian McNeill) Brian provided his review of the Financial Statements. Highlights as follows:

  • Past Auditors have always mentioned the closing banquet – this year was great.
  • Membership revenue should cover our general expenses. Insurance, taxes and pennants take all revenue. Pennants are a large expenditure – only 1/3 of the cost.
  • The board may want to consider setting up a reserve fund for capital improvements.
  • Did not have a chance to look at ESS books. May want ESS to set up a reserve fund to assist kids who want further training.

No questions.

  • Camille suggested providing a process to collect Bereavement donations on the web site. Board to follow-up.

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Junior Sailing Treasurer’s Report and Auditors report by Camille Kerr, Second by  Frank Jacques Sr. , motion carried.

6 Commodore’s Report (Meghan Roulston) Meghan provided her report. Highlights as follows:

  • Focus on Safety thanks to Camille Kerr for raising funds to provide  internet access to weather information
  • Installation of Baffles
  • Swim platform built by Jim and Ross
  • RYC/EYC regatta Saturday – we host in 2012 – recommend move back to weekday if focus is on kids – Saturday if Senior event.
  • 2 new events – food venue for Art in the Park – great success. Recommend advertising early in Chatham , bigger signs, space in blvd, do not advertise use of washrooms
  • Wine Tasting – financial success due to generous donation of food by Cam
  • New lifejacket program – Greer’s project dedicated to Greer – donations can be made to this program starting in the Spring of 2012
  • Recommend looking at committee to take care of all food and supplies
  • Thanks to all who helped this past year.

No questions.

7 Vice Commodore’s Report (Cam Shillington) Meghan gave the Vice Commodores report on Cam’s behalf.

Pied Piper Parade and Regatta a great success.

  • Recommendations:
    Ask local business to donate
  • Advertise weeks before
8 Rear Commodore’s Report and Junior Sailing Committee Report (Jim Stewart and Meghan Roulston) Jim gave the Rear Commodore’s report.

  • It was noted that the picnic was probably on federal land.
  • We need to worry about the Fowler Toad when pulling boats up onto the sand.
  • Lakeside won the Tug of War.
  • Generous discount from Tom Vidler made the picnic a financial success.
  • Junior Races had an average of 6 boats.


Meghan provided a report of the Junior Sailing Committee.


  • Continue to run program during the Boom week.
  • Boat committee needs to look at options for 2012. Need to compare cost of repairing equipment and buying new boats.
  • Recommend continuing the Junior Sailing Committee.
10 Membership Report (Gen Huffman) Gen summarized the membership report:

  • Increased membership by 16 new members this year.
  • Some switching between family and single memberships.



Motion to accept Flag Officer Reports as presented by Malcolm Graham   , second by    Jim Stokes    , carried.

11 Boat Committee Review Boat Committee Review – Chris Dutton spoke about the committee that was formed to look at upgrading the fleet.

  • Doug Kerr, Brian Benson, have been looking at boat options and recommend the Vibe. . (Vibes have a trapeze and a spinnaker)
  • The Vibe is a very durable boat. Prices have recently gone down – each boat costs $8500 which is comparable to what a 420 would cost.
  • Kids are interested in this boat.
  • We are in a good financial position to make the purchase particularly if we can sell some of the older boats.
  •  Likely that we will purchase at least 2 new Vibes this winter


No Questions from the floor.



  ByLaws and Governance Model Updating Bylaws and Governance Model – John Graham reported on the status of this item.

  • Intent was to address this over the past year. Major undertaking to change the way the club is run. By-laws are old and incomplete. Difficult to make the commitment to the 6 year term. More flexibility would allow more contribution and hope that membership can get more involved.
  •  John , Doug Kerr, Ross Newkirk, Tim Roulston, Helena Newkirk, Jim Shillington met with Glen Lethbridge at OSA to discuss if there is a more effective way to run the club.
  • John summarized some examples of the best  practices discussed at the meeting
    • One set of books – no longer split between junior program and main club (Trillium Grant will not consider us unless we have one set of books)
    • Need an outside arms length auditor
    • By-laws must go through a legal process
    • Organizing Race Committee – someone in charge on the Barge – not a racing sailor
    • Vision/Mission Statement as point of reference
    • Club Safety- processes need to be documented
    • Review insurance
    • Arm’s length nominating Committee for Board membership
  • Governance Committee will be making recommendation to the Club. General meeting at the beginning of the summer with the intent to adopt model for 2013 year.
  • OSA Web site “About us” they have governance model and financials example.
  • John will post PowerPoint on web site.

Tim Roulston commented that the meeting was an extremely valuable 2 hours. We need to take more advantage of OSA. We have to take legalities seriously around running a not for profit organization.

Doug mentioned the OSA Symposium and the “Health Check of a Yacht Club”. Anyone can attend the symposium if they are interested.


  OSA Boom Program John explained that the OSA is changing the Boom program and the Board will consider what to do.

The OSA is proposing a new model trying to integrate the program into regular sailing programs– will rent their boats for $1000. We could run the program for a whole summer or one month. We could possibly work with Rondeau as well. Would be a big positive with respect to funding requests. May have to address washroom issues so that they are wheelchair accessible.

Feedback from the membership:

  • Camille raised a concern about staffing – need to consider that the kids who are paying for the regular program shouldn’t suffer. Some kids come with a support person.
  • The Board will be talking to the Chatham Kent organization. The program will have to complement the existing program.
12 Incoming Chair Vision – John Graham John spoke to how he will implement the vision over the next year:

  • Look at Swimming & Sailing Program Business Model
  • Club Operating Business  Model
  • Physical Premises – Indoor and outdoor space. We need a planning committee to look at the future.


  New Business
  • Camille asked that the Race and Rules Committee enforce the race start at 11:00.
    • Chris mentioned that sometimes there is a wind switch and the barge has to adjust.
    • Need to have less races when there is a late start.
    • Tim Roulston offered to serve peameal bacon before the races.
  • Tim Roulston asked the Board to purchase new chairs.
  • Malcolm mentioned that we need a blind to come down over opening at the bar. Taps need to be locked. Tim said that is being taken care of. (just as a note – every event used 2 kegs)
13 Approval of Directors The new Officer and Board Members for 2011-2012 nominated as follows:

John Graham, Chair

Chris Dutton, Director and Vice Chair

Meghan Roulston, Director

Cameron Shillington, Commodore

Jim Stewart, Director and Vice Commodore

Tim Bresnahan, Director and Rear Commodore

Bobbie-Jo Allely Treasurer

Dave Allely, Deputy Treasurer

Lisa Kerr, Secretary

Motion to accept the board as nominated by   Camille Kerr , second by  Malcolm Graham , motion carried.

14 Adjourn The meeting was adjourned at  11:32  a.m.