Access BOOM Program


The Access BOOM Mobile is a mobile sailing school for children with disabilities initiated by Ontario Sailing. This program provides specially designed boats called Access Dinghy’s that give people with even a high level of physical or cognitive disability the opportunity to sail independently, and safely. Access Dinghies are specially designed boats to meet the needs of sailors with both physical and cognitive disabilities. The Access Dinghies have a weighted centerboard/keel so they will not capsize, comfortable forward facing seat, joystick steering, and roller furling sail.  This program has been sponsored and hosted by the EYC for more than a decade.


Ontario Sailing equips two complete mobile sailing schools that travel to different locations every summer.  Each mobile team, consisting of two qualified instructors, delivers Sail Canada’s CANSail 1 & 2 basic sailing levels for students ages 8-14 during the day time, as well as adult evening lessons if requested.  The mobile units are equipped with eight learn to sail boats, two coach boats, teaching aids and Lifejackets/PFD’s for all participants. Typical courses for youth run from Monday through Friday, 9am – 4pm. Adult classes, if scheduled, run from 6pm -9pm, Monday-Thursday.  Individual host sites may arrange different times or days so check with the host in your area to get exact details.


The primary goal of the BOOM Mobile Program is to aid communities or clubs with the development of their own sailing schools over time. For those moving towards developing a Learn-To-Sail program in your community, this program is a great way to promote the sport and gain support and interest in the community