2019 Season Opening Letter

2019 EYC Season Opening Letter           


Dear EYC Members,

I hope this letter finds everyone in great health and happiness.   I trust we’ve had enough winter and rainy spring and are ready for a great summer in Erieau and at the EYC.  The Board of Directors are looking forward to a great season at the club and on the water this season and have planned a few social events for our enjoyment.

The water levels hindered Dave Allely and the Ground and Waterfront committee in dock installation, but with great determination and hard work our docks are in at the Club.  We are very thankful for the work our volunteers have done for our enjoyment and for our swimming and sailing camp students.  The club has been cleaned and ready for use.  Their work also contributed to the first International C-Scow regatta hosted by EYC last weekend.  We had 10 C-Scows that raced of which 5 traveled from the United States.  It was a very successful regatta.  The weather and wind was perfect and allowed us to have 5 races in the bay and 2 on the lake.  Congratulations to Matt Poile and the C-Scow regatta committee on a job well done, we wish them the best as they plan for the 2nd annual next year.

Junior Sailing

Last year we successfully revamped and updated our sailing instructor fleet.  This work permitted our instructors and students to learn and improve their skill in the appropriate craft.  One benefit to this was that our Saturday junior races successfully had three to four fleets racing, which allowed us award more of family trophies during our closing banquet.  Please offer Jessica Mallory-Dillion any assistance as she plans the junior race program. 

We are very excited to announce the Swimming and Sailing staff for our summer program have been hired.  This staff was very successful in providing excellent learning environment for our junior campers.  Please help in welcoming them back.  John Kerr will be providing Aiden Banks the necessary tools and environment to successfully complete her task as head camp counselor for the season.  We are very pleased to have Gabby Gooch returning as our head sailing instructor.  Working under Gabby’s tutelage will be Kaatje Kempe and our new assistant instructor will be Hailey Kemp.  Katelyn Kemp will be working with our swimmers under Aiden’s guidance.

Registration is available online and some weeks are filling up quickly.  You can also register this Saturday June 29th.

RYC will be hosting EYC for the annual regatta Friday August 9th.

We will be hosting the Boom Access sailing program for handicapped sailors the week of August 12th-16th.   Chatham Kent Health Association has inquired of the potential for EYC to host an additional week, which the EYC board of directors will review over this season.


Our website and facebook pages are being updated and managed by Jessica and John.  If you wish to provide photos, information or feedback contact us.  We would like to thank John Graham for hosting and maintaining the EYC website for the past several years.  I would also like to announce that our instructors will use Instagram as an additional social tool for EYC and ESS benefit.

We have planned a few events and the silent auction will be held July 13th as our fundraising event for this season.  Please consider a donation for the event.  The auction winners will be announced following a fish fry dinner.  We are still searching for a volunteer auctioneer.

 I have attached a copy of this season’s schedule.  Please join us this weekend for our opening BBQ.  We have a special desserts planned, 12 homemade pies, compliments of my wonderful mother in-law Edna and her sister Betsy.

Kindly visit Stephanie Pirscher prior to the BBQ Saturday to complete your registration and payment for the 2019 EYC season.

Shannon and I are looking forward to a great summer, enjoying everything that Erieau and EYC has to offer. 

Kind Regards,

Jake Chesterfield

EYC Commodore 2019

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Erieau Yacht Club – International C-Scow Regatta

Venue:        Erieau Yacht Club, 680 Ross Lane, Erieau, ON.  N0P 1N0

Schedule:    Friday June 21, 2019

3:00 pm                       C-Scow Registration Opens – Erieau Yacht Club

5:30 pm                       Opening Dinner – Hot Dog, Hamburgers, Beers at the Club

Saturday June 22, 2019

7:00 am                       Registration opens – Breakfast is available

9:30 am                       Skippers meeting

10:30 am                     Races begin – 1st and 2nd races

NOON                         LUNCH – EYC

1:00 pm                       Afternoon racing begins – 3rd, 4th and possibly 5th races

6:00 pm                       DINNER – EYC – Pulled Pork Dinner

Sunday June 23, 2019

8:00 am                       Breakfast

9:00 am                       Skippers meeting

10:00 am                     Racing begins 6th, 7th races

12:00 pm                     LUNCH and Awards at EYC

All times are tentative weather permitting.  Low point scoring, Top 5 boats receive trophies

Fees:            Entry fee will be $110 American or $135 Canadian. The entry fee includes Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and pulled pork dinner and Sunday breakfast and lunch. Refreshments will be provided for the weekend.

Register:     Register online at https://erieauyc.checklick.com or by contacting Matt Poile. If you have any questions please contact Matt.  Payment due upon arrival at EYC.

Contact:       Matt Poile – 226-339-8432 or mattpoile11@gmail.com

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Commodore Spring Update 2019

Hi everyone, 2019 season fast approaches!!!

As we prepare for our season to get underway, I’d like to share some updates that are currently being completed to the EYC Club during the past months.   We have the great fortune of very capable volunteers maintaining the club and property.  If you haven’t had a chance to see the new bright blue metal roof you will be impressed.  It is sure to last many years as our members provided stern supervision of the construction.  Another property improvement is occurring on the bayside to control erosion and provide a safer launch ramp for our junior sailing members and campers.

We would like to offer our thanks to Brad Hall at B&C Renovations for strapping and installing the new Bright Blue Steel Roof.   Mark Phillips at Phillips Skid Steer Services will be installing the Cable Concrete Erosion Control System, we thank him as well.

Dependent on water levels the grounds and waterfront committee plans on installing docks Saturday, June 15th or if the weather isn’t suitable, Sunday June 16th.  Volunteers are appreciated.

We have a very exciting announcement for our members and racers; our club will be hosting our first International C-Scow Regatta.  The regatta will occur on the 22nd, 23rd, and the 24th of June.   A detailed schedule will be posted for those interested.

The Junior program committee is pleased to offer 8 weeks of excellent summer sailing and swimming programs for our membership and community.  Registration is now open on Checklick ESS.  Checklick can be accessed by the following link, https://erieauyc.checklick.com/ .

Applications are being accepted for this year’s ESS summer staff.  Job postings can be viewed on EYC web site.  Please forward resumes addressed to the Junior Sailing Committee at sailing@erieauyachtclub.com .

From the Office of The Commodore, it brings great sadness to announce the passing of a former Commodore of the EYC during the off season. Graham Dutton (EYC Commodore 1979), the Dutton Family has a longstanding relationship with Erieau and the EYC, and developed many friendships along the way.  We send our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

We look forward to a healthy, fun, safe and memorable 2019 summer in Erieau.

Jeremy Chesterfield “Jake”, Commodore, Erieau Yacht Club

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Erieau Yacht Club – Rondeau Yacht Club 2018 Annual Laser Regatta


Dear Members,
We hosted an extraordinary EYC – RYC Regatta at our yacht club yesterday.

The conditions were great with 12 – 15 knot winds, Southwest to West. We were sheltered by the land and trees. Overcast skies prevailed for the entire day and the temperature was a comfortable 20º-23ºC / 70º-75ºF.

A windward – leeward course was set with a 200 meter triangle at the top to separate the sailors before the ran down wind. The wind was heavier in the am for the double’s races.

There were 40 Junior Sailors registered for the regatta. EYC had 16 junior members register and RYC registered 24.

A total of 23 Lasers were rigged and 20 raced, 21 if you include an RYC laser that experience mast step fail under pressure.

RYC won the Regatta! EYC gave them a run for their money in doubles as we were tied at 70 after the first race. We fell back in the second heat as RYC posted 126 and EYC had 158. RYC had 2 DNF during the first heat. EYC had a DNS on the second race as the skipper was hurt as they tipped. They are OK, just a little frightened.

Interesting point about the doubles, RYC had 12 lasers to EYC 8 lasers. During both heats four RYC lasers finished behind EYC. I calculated the total points per sailor and EYC scored 31.4 versus RYC 31.1. In doubles EYC scored 19.3 to RYC 21.1, for singles EYC was 21.8 to RYC 20.6. I realize this is wish full math but I thought it might be an indicator or larger picture of how we performed overall in the event.

Once the second race had finished everyone sailed back to EYC for lunch. Our Cook and Kitchen staff had prepared a warm lunch, hamburgers, hotdogs, party mix chips and Pop Shoppe Pop.

Following lunch a singles skipper meeting was called, once completed all the single handled lasers headed back out on Rondeau Bay. EYC had registered 8 lasers and RYC had 12 lasers for the singles.

During the singles RYC opened up the lead a bit more as EYC picked up 63 more points in the two heats. It’s worth mentioning during the first heat Hailey Kempe finished 200 meters ahead of the second boat. The second heat of singles race 6 RYC Lasers had a great start and EYC was hard pressed to recoup.

I posted the official results at the Yacht Club for all to view.

Our outlook for our future sailors is positive and we have a great chance at bringing the cup back to EYC in the next year or two (Rondeau is currently looking for the cup as it hasn’t been seen in years). Jerry O’Brien has offered to donate a new trophy if the original can’t be found.

Shannon and I crafted regatta pennants to award the 1st and 2nd positions. They can be hung at each club for bragging rights. The EYC pennant is on a bulletin board at the yacht club. We distributed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th place pennants for each race, orange participation pennants were awarded to everyone that competed.

We had plenty of help from the following volunteers that I wish to thank.

  • Jim Shillington – Barge Operator – Mediator
  • Heather Boswell – Scorer
  • Peter B – Cook
  • Anne (Grandma) Gooch – Race Committee
  • Dave Allely – Crash Boat
  • Karen Dutton – Crash Crew
  • Bobby Joe Allely – Kitchen Duty
  • Steph Pirscher- Kitchen Duty
  • Kelly Shillington – Crash Boat
  • Shannon Chesterfield – Kitchen Duty / Crash Crew
  • Jackie Banks – Crash Crew
  • Marc Kempe – Crash Boat & family Crew
  • Dick & Tug Worst – Crash Boat
  • Kaatje & Kaelyn Kempe – Coach Boat
  • Gabby Gooch EYC & RYC Instructor – Coach Boat
  • Dave Trinca – RYC Scorer
  • Greg Gooch – RYC Coach Boat
  • Ben & Allison Kloostra – Crash Crew

As Vice Commodore I am appreciative of how EYC members came together to ensure the 2018 EYC-RYC Regatta was successful, thank you everyone who supported our juniors.
We were loaned 5 fully rigged lasers, and extra sails from the EYC members listed below. Thanks to our members no EYC junior member was left wanting for a laser as we had plenty.

  • Tug Worst- Laser
  • Tim & Meghan Roulston – Laser
  • Rick Wilson – Laser
  • Doug Kerr – Laser Sail
  • Jim Stokes – anything we needed
  • Robin Poile – Laser
  • Jess Mallory – Laser
  • Kelly & Heather – Laser

I was especially proud of everyone who participated in the event, particularly EYC junior members! I personally witnessed more than one EYC sailor initiate corrections on their own infractions during the race, such a great characteristic.

The bar has been raised for future EYC – RYC regattas and I feel RYC will be hard pressed to surpass EYC’s generosity and hospitality as they host future regattas. The challenge has been set.

Kind Regards,

Jake Chesterfield,
Vice Commodore

PS – I was reminded that the outcome of the event is not the main goal. The event is to promote a healthy active community event promoting junior sailor involvement between the two clubs.

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An EYC 2018 update


New Commodore


New Lark


New Gilbert


Deep thoughts


Hello sweetie


Because I’m dad


Don’t you dare Peter!


I love Zink!


Best dad nominee


Better than a police car…


Looking good!


Too cute


Leading the charge


Walking the EYC Catwalk


Well hellooo there


Commodore to be




Like herding cats




No, my child is cuter


No tipping here


It’s not about winning, except on Sunday!






Strike a pose….


Always original



Having fun


Learning lots


Loving the EYC!

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2018 Season message from the Commodore

Dear EYC Members

The season has officially started! Dave Allely and the maintenance committee had over 20 volunteers for emptying the EYC on the long weekend in May. Thanks to everyone that came out to help and to Peter Barton for lunch. Last weekend Dave and his crew could be seen building new dock sections and replacing the outside EYC signs. Another job well done!

On July 1, from 5-7pm, the families of the late Bill Fellows will be hosting a celebration of Bill’s life at Gini’s cottage (rain location – EYC). There will be a BBQ and margarita’s – friends are welcome to bring an appetizer.

The website has a schedule of all the sailing and social events planned for the summer. Some of the highlights include:

· June 30, Opening Banquet

· July 14, Irish event with dinner and dancing

· July 28, Pied Piper Parade

· August 4, Art on the Boulevard

· August 11, Luau event with dinner and dancing

· August 25, Closing Banquet

Swim and Sail camp is ready for another successful season. Returning instructors, Gabby Gooch, Kaelyn Kempe, and Aiden Banks will be joined by Kaatje Kempe and Alex Banks. On-line registration can be accessed from the EYC website or in person on June 30 between 11am-1pm. Some camp weeks were already sold out last year by the in-person registration date – so early on-line registration is recommended.

Stephanie Pirscher will also be at the EYC on Saturday, June 30 between 11am and 1pm to collect membership payments and hand out the threefold schedule.

I’m looking forward to serving as the EYC commodore for the 2018 season. With the help of vice Commodore Jake Chesterfield, rear Commodore John Kerr, and countless volunteers, I’m sure it will be a great summer!

Happy Sailing!

Kelly Shillington,
2018 EYC Commodore

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The Apples don’t fall far…

Our Jr. Sailors have enjoyed a great summer of sailing so far! They are learning lots and having a terrific time!! I look forward to seeing them step into a Lark or a Cscow…

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