EYC-RYC 2019 Annual Rondeau Bay Laser Regatta Results


Dear Members,

Rondeau Yacht Club hosted an excellent EYC – RYC Regatta at their yacht club last Friday 8-9-19.

The conditions were great with 15 knot winds with 18-20 knot gust, Southwest to West.  Standard winds for that side of the bay.  Sunny skies prevailed for the entire day and the temperature was a comfortable 20º-23ºC / 70º-75ºF.  The water surf was fairly rough and with the odd white cap.  The swells grew during the doubles races.

A modified triangle course was set with 400-500 meter separation between marks.  All races consisted of two around the course.

There were 40 Junior Sailors registered for the regatta.  EYC had 16 junior members register and RYC registered 24.  See attached photo for participants.

A total of 23 Lasers were rigged and 20 raced, EYC had 11 lasers rigged and only used 9.

RYC won the Regatta!  The scores are as follows Singles EYC-169 vs RYC-100, Doubles EYC-135 vs RYC-86.  Event Total = EYC-304 to RYC-186.

Following singles races RYC provided an excellent lunch, pulled pork sandwiches, hot dog, corn on the cob, salad, chips and drinks.

Double Races commenced after lunch.  14 boats entered the doubles race. 

We had plenty of help from the ESS Staff, Directors and Volunteers that I wish to thank.  Thank you to everyone who supported us and made this day a success for our Junior Sailors.

We were loaned 2 fully rigged lasers, extra sails from EYC members listed below.  It should be noted that thanks to our members no EYC junior member was left wanting for a laser as we had plenty. Thank you Tug, Tim & Meghan.

We have intentions of creating different classes next year to allow some of our younger sailors to participate in the event.  We are hosting next year and it may provide a good opportunity to implement new fleets.

Kind Regards,

Jake Chesterfield


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