2020 EYC Schedule


June 20 (Saturday)Docks In! 10:00am
June 26 (Friday)Visiting C Scow arrivals
June 27 (Saturday)ESS Swim & Sail Camp Registration
EYC Membership Signup
C Scow Regatta
June 28 (Sunday)Visiting C Scow departures


some dates not yet finalized

July 4 (Saturday)Junior Races 10:00am
Opening Banquet 5:30pm
July 5 (Sunday)Race & Rules Meeting 9:00am
Senior Races 1&2 11:00am
July 9 (Thursday)Junior Movie Night 7:00pm
July 10 (Friday)EYC Card Night 7:00pm
July 11 (Saturday)Junior Races 10:00am
July 12 (Sunday)Senior Races 3&4 11:00am
EYC Potluck 5:00pm
July 18 (Saturday)Pied Piper Parade & Regatta
July 19 (Sunday)Senior Races 5&6 11:00am
July 24 (Friday)EYC Card Night 7:00pm
July 25 (Saturday)Junior Races 10:00am
Junior Lark Race 2:00pm
July 26 (Sunday)Senior Lakeside Race 11:00am
July 29 (Wednesday)EYC-RYC Regatta @Erieau


some dates not yet finalized

August 1 (Saturday)Junior Races 10:00am
Art on the Boulevard
Junior Dance 7:00pm
August 2 (Sunday)Senior Races 7&8 11:00am
Commodore’s Picnic
August 6 (Thursday)Junior Movie Night 7:00pm
August 8 (Saturday)Junior Races 10:00am
August 9 (Sunday)Senior Races 9&10 11:00am
Commodore’s Picnic
August 15 (Saturday)Junior Races 10:00am
Junior Lark Race 2:00pm
August 16 (Sunday)Senior Races 11&12 – includes Lark Skippers 11:00am
EYC Potluck 5:30pm
August 22 (Saturday)Junior Races (if needed) 10:00am
EYC Rock&Roll theme night featuring BEEF BOYS band WSG CHILL THE HAM
August 23 (Sunday)Champaigne Race 11:00am
Little Brown Jug race
August 29 (Saturday)EYC Closing Banquet 5:30pm


September 5 (Saturday)Docks out! 10:00am
September 6 (Sunday)EYC Potluck 5:30pm


October 10 (Saturday)EYC AGM
EYC Thanksgiving Dinner