An E.Y.C Minute

The Lark fleet hasn’t fully dried out from last season and I’m already excited for another great summer at the EYC!

Now, I’m certainly not the longest tenured EYC member, but I have been around long enough to remember a few things about an EYC summer.

Growing up in the EAU, I remember when the Sieverts were on the racecourse every Sunday…In a sailboat. Or when we watched Animal House and Porky’s on VHS at the Parsons while our parents socialized on the back deck. Anything to keep us kids quiet for just a bit longer. I was in the bay before steel break walls, zebra muscles and the return of weeds thick enough to stop a boat. I remember when Pinky Too was new, and spelled Pinky 2. Or when Blue Jays vs. Tigers was a thing. I was around to see the Laser attempt to replace the Lark only to be replaced by the M Scow and then replaced by the C Scow, only to have the Lark reign supreme again.

Becoming more active in recent years and with children of my own I see the E.Y.C spirit is alive and well.  Children continue to allow parents be childish.  Bathing suits are still the outfit of choice for all. When hungry, there is still a mom to feed us. When thirsty, there is a deck calling for us.  And the Eau continues to have an uncanny ability to make a weekend seemingly last forever.

The one thing I know above all is EVERY SUMMER IS GREAT SUMMER AT THE E.Y.C!

See you all very soon,

Peter Gilbert


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