2015 EYC Opening Letter

Dear EYC Members:

The “Summer of 2015” will be a summer to remember for all EYC members!

EYC enjoyed lots of attention last year under Commodore Bresnahan’s (and Kasi’s) direction.  In many ways, it prepared the foundation to rebuild a club that future EYC children and grandchildren will remember and love. This year, the plan is to continue to transform the EYC, by further investing in our summer program, facilities, equipment and staff.

A heart felt thank you to all members who volunteered their time, participated and contributed in last year’s events and helped raise the necessary funding to help our club shine. This year, we are counting on your support once again to make the long term transformation of the EYC a reality.

I have included the “2015 Schedule” (as an attachment) in my e-mail and it will be available on our website. Please plan to check our website throughout the summer as we plan to publish and post EYC communication more frequently this year. Here you will find opportunities to join committees and volunteer for events too.

What’s NEW for 2015

 Children Summer Programs

Rear Commodore Michelle Bloomfield, and team, have put together an action packed, fun-filled summer program. With all new themed weeks, learn to sail camps, learn to swim camps, just have fun camps, weeknight race days and a Junior Banquet for all campers, the summer will prove to be the best one ever! Registration is off to the best start it has been in many years with 77 weeks sold to date and only 211 weeks remaining. Please take the opportunity to register your child, grandchild and all their friends in the following ways:

1.     On-line with Cansail.checklick.com

2.     Via e-mail (sailing@erieauyachtclub.com)

3.     In-person on June 27th at the EYC

This year, we will also be offering Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, and Bronze Cross training programs. Please see Michelle and team for more details.

Beach Boys Concert – August 8

Vice Commodore Rob Bloomfield, in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Chatham, and a number of sponsors (which include the Erieau Marina) have put EYC on the list of not for profit organizations that will directly benefit from the Beach Boys Concert fundraising proceeds.  Beach Boys in Chatham – Summer 2015 announcement in the Chatham News with all the details.

Unfortunately we are ineligible to receive funding if we don’t volunteer to help prepare the venue, work at the event and tear down the day after. Please sign up to help on Friday night, Saturday or Sunday. Please reply with your availability to this e-mail or to any Board member

Registration and additional Donations

Membership rates remain unchanged for 2015. Gen Huffman will be collecting membership fees on opening night and every Sunday in July.  Please ensure you have your membership forms ready along with payment at the opening BBQ.

Hotdog laddie

Peter has graciously offered to help in the Kitchen this year and promises a new Menu for the thirsty and hungry Sailors.

What’s Next

The EYC season begins on Saturday, May 16th at 10:00am when we put in the Yacht Club dock and many others.  As always, we appreciate any and all volunteers who can assist.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of our Erieau Yacht Club, it’s my pleasure to serve as Commodore for 2015.  Raegan and I (and family) look forward to another amazing summer with our EYC family and friends and would like to thank all those that have committed to volunteering this year.

See everyone at the opening BBQ on Saturday, June 27th at 5:30pm at the Clubhouse.


Nick Fatouros

2015 EYC Commodore

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