Commodore’s Picnic on SeaGull Island

 Another great day for the Commodore’s PicnicDSC_1624
Calisthenics getting ready for the balloon tossDSC_1627
 Lunch is served with a dash of beach sandDSC_1620
 The gallery was very well attendedDSC_1677
 But fans were quite divided DSC_1668
 Nick looks a little apprehensive about giving our resident Texan ammo DSC_1682
 And the games beginDSC_1683
 the crowd is livelyDSC_1662
Chaos ensues when the Rear brings out the remaining balloonsDSC_1667
 that would make these two the losersDSC_1765
 The bay side looks a little lightDSC_1772
 Heavily favoured lakeside is looking confidentDSC_1768
 Looking goodDSC_1774
 Things did not go so well for the lakeside adultsDSC_1789
 But A for effortDSC_1785
 Reigning champsDSC_1664
 Great form DSC_1631
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