2013 EYC Letter from Commodore Stewart

Dear EYC members:

Here we go! Yes, spring is finally here and despite near record low water levels and another promising summer of weeds, I know this will not take away from another summer of swimming, sailing and just having fun with old and new acquaintances at the EYC.  Speaking of fun, on Saturday, August 10 at 5:30, we will hold our Social evening for this year entitled Memories. This evening, we will look back at the EYC and Erieau in the past, with the hope for a new and better vision in the future.

The EYC Board and our family would like to invite you and your family to the official start of the season with an opening BBQ on Saturday, June 29. On this evening, you can pay your membership, registration dues and sign up for our annual EYC golf tournament which will be held on Saturday, July 13. Also on this evening, we will be taking orders for stemless wine glasses which have a sail boat etched on the with the EYC logo on the sail. Draw tickets will be sold for a canvas picture of the east pier at sunrise with the draw held in August.

Unofficially, we start with docks in on Saturday, May 18 at 10:00 am at the EYC. The more help we have, the more fun for all.

On Sunday, May 19th, there is the Green McNeill golf tournament. Kim Shillington is the contact for the tournament and can be reached at: kimberlyshillington@gmail.com (PLEASE NOTE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS WAS UPDATED 04/30/2013 @ 1:45PM).

Junior Program

EYC is looking forward to another great Junior Sailing Program under our new Rear

Commodore, Nick Fatouros. We always need to remember how much Meghan and Tim Roulston mean to this program. We certainly appreciate them.

Our instructor this year is Iain Kerr. Iain is certified under the CYA, CAN Sail Instruction Level 1 and 2, 3 and 4, and has taught sailing at EYC for a number of years. His hard work and dedication to the Junior Sailing program have earned him the position of Head Sailing Instructor and Program Coordinator.

We’re excited to introduce our newest Staff member, Alec Taylor. Alec comes to us from Rondeau. He recently acquired his CYA, Can Sail Instructor Level 1 and 2 certification in Vancouver.

Katie Dutton will return to our Swimming Program as head swimming instructor.

She’ll take a short time off to travel to Kenya from July 15-August 4 as part of the Me To We program. We are currently hiring for that time period that Katie will be away. An update will be posted on the EYC website once that is done.

Information and Registration for the Junior Program will be posted on the website.

Meghan would also like to add that our Junior Program will have a different look this summer, moving away from the Full-day camp program to a more concentrated focus on sailing and swimming lessons. More details will be available on the website as well, under the Junior Program and the Program Coordinator’s opening letter.

The Boom Program will run from July 22-26 this summer. The EYC purchased a sail boat for this program which we are sponsoring with the Chatham-Kent Children’s Treatment Centre.

Being the commodore brings with it various responsibilities. I prefer to think of myself as a member of a team. The commodore being the life-rope which has been handed to me by a team mate  The life-rope is now my responsibility and my objective is to make us all proud Yacht Club members. To meet our objectives, we must all work together as a team.

Click here to view the EYC Schedule for this coming season. Some changes may come, but the main events and dates are set.

Jim Stewart

EYC commodore, 2013

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