Proposed Governance & Bi-Laws Reform

Dear Erieau Yacht Club Members:

As you know, the strength of the EYC has always been the efforts of its members on behalf of the Club.  In recent years, it has been increasingly difficult to find members who are able or willing to commit to the six (6) year term as Flag Officers and on Board of Directors.  In addition the EYC Board learned that the new Incorporation Act for Not for Profit Corporations Act (Bill 65) required a review and likely revision of the EYC bylaws.  As a result of these two issues, the Board of Directors recommended a review of the Governance and Bylaws at the October 2010 Annual General Meeting.  The EYC membership voted and accepted that a Governance and Bylaw Review Committee (EYC-G&BC) be struck.

Subsequent to this vote, the EYC-G&BC  consulted with the Ontario Sailing Association and reviewed other sailing clubs’ and not for profit organizations’ structures and bylaws. The committee then crafted a structure and bylaws that would best serve the EYC and its members for years to come. The following is an overview of the recommendations of this new structure and bylaws:


  • Return to a structure based on volunteerism through non Board committees
  • Term on the Board of Directors reduced from six (6) years, to between one (1) and five (5) years
  • The ability of a member to return to the Board of Directors after one (1) year of the board
  • The Commodore must have been on the Board of Directors for at least one (1) year within the past five (5) years


  • Conforms to Bill 65
  • Incorporated new governance structure & duties of Officers, Directors & committees
  • Addresses Conflict of Interest of the Board

The new bylaws will be circulated for review and comment by the members.  Please advise members of either of Board of Directors or EYC-G&BC with questions, concerns or recommendations culminating with a Membership Special Meeting scheduled for Sunday August 5th immediately following the Commodore’s Sailing Announcements at the club.  This meeting will allow for formal discussions on the document.   The resulting feedback will result in a finished document that will form the final Bylaw to be presented for a vote at the October 2012 AGM.


John Graham                                                              Doug Kerr

Chairman EYC Board of Directors                     Chairman of the EYC-G&BC

click here for a copy of the Draft By-laws

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