Our summer staff line up for 2011 is posted below.   They’re excited about getting the camp off the ground and in the water!!!  Registration will
be held at the Yacht Club, Saturday July 2nd, from 11:00AM to 1:00PM, or if you prefer, online at


Geoff Kerr…Camp Coordinator,  Head of Sailing

Val Kirkland….Head of Swimming

Madi Worst…..Sr. Sailing Instructor

Iain Kerr……Sailing Instructor, Swimming Instructor

Ben Worst…Swimming Instructor

Jacob Roulston…Sailing Instructor

Joe Salter….Sailing Instructor

Katie Dutton…Swimming Instructor

 2011 Changes To Jr. Program

This year we are holding a limited enrolment sailing program, during the Ontario Sailing School’s BOOM Access Program at the EYC. This allows both the EYC and the students of BOOM to be part of an inclusive sailing program. This will take place the first week of August following the long weekend, so register early!

Each member of our staff is required to volunteer for at least one Saturday of Jr. Sailing races.   Our goal is for staff to encourage more weekday
sailors to get involved in weekend races.

Speaking of getting involved… we’ve resurrected an EYC trophy to encourage all Jr. Sailing staff to join us for Sunday races.  Any type of boat gets you points so get out there and sail!

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