Commodore’s Corner…

Hi everyone, and welcome to the 2011 season!!!

As our season gets under way I would like to point out some wonderful changes that have been made to our club over the past year. Most noticeably the renovation of the kitchen and addition of the new ‘two keg’ capacity fridge. There’s nothing more important than having the extra keg chilled and ready to tap when needed!

On the bay side of the EYC, you’ll discover a freshly poured, brushed concrete pad.  This addition will keep that area level, making it safer for all and more presentable to our guests.  Many thanks to Jason Phair at Phair Concrete for a job well done.

I would also like to thank everyone who turned out for ‘docks in’ on the May long weekend, and to the ladies that helped feed the crew and tidy the kitchen! Unfortunately, shortly after ‘docks in’, the water level rose and the furthest dock sections were submerged.  Many thanks to Ken Marshall
and his ‘Eau’ team for rescuing the docks. On July 1 at 10 AM we would appreciate some muscle at the EYC to help get those sections back in the water.

At the end of this newsletter you’ll find an updated membership form that can be printed and submitted to our Membership Chair, Gen Huffman. With the recent mail strike, and EYC cost saving initiatives we would like to communicate electronically, as much as possible. If you do not have access to a computer, or e-mail please let us know and we will be happy to deliver copies to you. Other options are to partner with someone who has access to a computer and have them print a copy for you.  Gen will have hard copies of membership form available at the Opening BBQ if needed.  All EYC information will be posted in the yacht club or you can find it at

Speaking of which, if you haven’t had an opportunity to check out our updated website, please take a few moments to browse thru at  Many thanks to past Commodore, John Graham.  The website is now extremely user friendly, and we look forward to posting pictures and updates as things happen throughout the summer.  We’ve already taken online registration for the Jr. Sailing and Swimming program and have received positive feedback from our users.

The EVENT and VOLUNTEER BOARD, located outside the washroom doors will have this summer’s events posted so volunteers can sign up for particular duties. The EYC has long survived on the shoulders of volunteers, and I would like to thank everyone who has offered to help this summer. Please take a few minutes this weekend to browse thru the EVENT and VOLUNTEER BOARD for summer updates, news and to volunteer for the event of your choice!

From the Office of The Commodore, it brings great sadness to announce the passing of two former Commodores of the EYC during the off season. S T Emans (Commodore 1962), and Peter Gilbert (Commodore 1986). Both families have a longstanding relationship with the EYC, and have developed many friendships along the way. We send our thoughts and prayers to them during this difficult time.

Roulston, Commodore, Erieau Yacht Club

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