Happy New Year from our Family to Yours

From the Officers and Board of Directors I would like to take this opportunity to wish all EYC members a very safe and happy 2011. It is certainly hard to believe we have passed the half way point between docks out (2010) and docks in (2011)!!

We have created this newsletter for the members as part of keeping you informed as to schedules, events, news, and other happenings within our EYC community. The title “Dock Talk” is on loan while we deal with Margie’s Lakeside Legal Partners…..Who knew copyright infringements could be this lengthy, and involve something called a “sidewalk removal” precedent!

Commodore’s Corner

As the Commodore for the 2011 season I look forward to continuing the progression of values, friendships, and memories that have enriched our club, and community, since the turn of the century when the first few sailors in Erieau decided they would compete on the water for some excitement.

This “Friendly competition” has over 100 years later, culminated in a fleet of close to 50 boats, and over 100 sailors enjoying every minute of picturesque Rondeau Bay while experiencing the thrill of sport.

Whether you have years of sailing experience, or are taking to the water for your very first time, (or just stopping in for a cold beer and hot dog) I welcome you, and hope you enjoy your time within the EYC.

To the existing members, I thank you in advance for the many volunteer hours and hard work that continue to keep the EYC both operational and fun.

I would also like to welcome Jim Stewart to the office of Rear Commodore. Jim brings along an eagerness for change, as well as a strong organizational approach that will only strengthen our club.

We are currently in the process of putting together the schedule for the upcoming season and will publish the final calendar in the spring edition of Dock Talk.

If you have any suggestions, or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact myself, or any of the Board members.

Swim and Sailing Camp

We are now accepting resumes for summer employment at EYC 2011. The EYC offers competitive salary based on experience, qualifications, and years of service. We are always looking to improve our instructional line-up in order to keep our camp exciting, fresh, and educational.

Our deadline for applications this year will be March 31st, 2011.

Please include the following information with your resume;  Qualifications, certifications, experience, goals, education, references (either personal, or employment)

Please forward your resume in confidence to;

mroulston@cogeco.ca    attn: Meghan

If you are expecting to upgrade a certification course between the March 31st  application deadline, and the beginning of camp please include all information pertaining to that course as part of your resume.

The hiring committee will review all applications and begin hiring confirmation process from the top down beginning April 15th.

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